BJS Menu Decaf Coffee

BJS Manu Decaf Coffee
  • These are decaf coffees made with 100% Arabica beans, meaning they will have a smoother taste than coffees with Robusta beans.
  • They come in ground form.

Price: $2.45


NameDecaffeinated Coffee Beans
TypeCoffee beans without caffeine
Processing MethodTypically decaffeinated using solvent or water-based methods
Flavor ProfileRetains most of the original coffee flavor, but may have a slightly altered taste compared to regular coffee
Caffeine ContentReduced to minimal levels (usually less than 0.1%)
Roast LevelsAvailable in various roast levels, from light to dark
Popular UsesSuitable for individuals sensitive to caffeine, evening consumption, or those looking to reduce caffeine intake
Health BenefitsLower caffeine content may be beneficial for those with certain health conditions; contains antioxidants and other bioactive compounds
Common Brewing MethodsSuitable for brewing with methods like drip, espresso, French press, and more
AvailabilityWidely available in both whole bean and ground forms
ConsiderationsSome decaffeination processes may affect the environmental footprint; choose beans processed with methods that align with personal preferences
Popular BrandsVarious coffee brands offer decaffeinated options, such as Decaf Starbucks, Swiss Water Decaf, and others
Storage TipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dark place to preserve freshness and flavor


NutrientAmount per serving
CaffeineLess than 99% removed

Allergens & Sensitivities

Tree nuts

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