BJS Menu Sparkling Sangria 32 oz

BJS Manu Sparkling Sangria 32 oz

A 32 oz. serving of sangria made with Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, Monin White Peach flavoring, strawberry purée, orange juice, and garnished with fresh strawberry, orange, and lime wedges. It’s also served with two separate 6 oz. splits of La Marca Prosecco for you to add yourself.

Price: $35


Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka1.5 ozA smooth and vibrant vodka infused with real grapefruit for a tangy flavor.
Cointreau Orange Liqueur0.5 ozA premium orange liqueur with a balanced blend of sweet and bitter orange flavors.
Monin White Peach Syrup0.5 ozA syrup made from ripe white peaches, adding a delicate sweetness and aroma.
Strawberry purée0.5 ozFreshly pureed strawberries for a burst of fruity flavor and vibrant color.
Orange juice1 ozFreshly squeezed orange juice for a zesty citrus kick.
Fresh strawberry1 pieceA ripe strawberry for garnish and added fruity freshness.
Fresh orange1 sliceA slice of fresh orange for garnish and citrus aroma.
Fresh lime1 sliceA slice of fresh lime for a hint of tartness and aroma.
La Marca ProseccoTo top offA sparkling Italian prosecco, added separately as a topper for effervescence.

Nutrition, Allergens & Sensitivities

BJ’s Restaurants & Brewhouse doesn’t currently provide detailed nutritional information or allergen listings for their menu items online. However, based on the ingredients, here’s what you can expect:

  • Possible allergens: Wheat (in vodka), dairy (if Cointreau uses dairy in processing), and sulfites (in wine).
  • Likely not suitable for: People with gluten or wheat allergies, or those following a strict vegan diet (due to possible dairy in Cointreau).
  • High in sugar: Due to the presence of fruit juices, liqueurs, and potentially added sugars in the strawberry purée and Monin White Peach flavoring.
  • Contains Alcohol: Due to the vodka and prosecco.


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