BJS Menu Gluten-Sensitive House Salad

BJS Manu Gluten-Sensitive House Salad

The House Salad is a classic choice for those with gluten sensitivity. It features a generous portion of crisp baby field greens with carrots, juicy diced tomatoes, and crunchy cucumbers.

While the menu description mentions parmesan cheese on top, it’s best to confirm with your server if you need to avoid dairy completely. They can prepare it without cheese for you. You can choose your favorite dressing from their selection (be sure to check for gluten-free options if needed.

Price: $6.25


Baby field greensTender young leaves of various salad greens.
CarrotsCrunchy orange root vegetable, often sweet.
Diced tomatoesFresh tomatoes chopped into small pieces.
CucumbersCrisp, watery vegetable with a mild flavor.
Parmesan cheeseOptional addition for a salty, nutty flavor.

Nutrition, Allergens & Sensitivities:

  • BJ’s doesn’t publish detailed nutritional information for their menu items online.
  • You can request this information from your server, although it might not be readily available.
  • This salad should be gluten-free aside from the parmesan cheese. Be sure to mention your gluten sensitivity to your server and request the salad without cheese if needed.
  • Other potential allergens include dairy (cheese) and soy (from salad dressing options).

We are following the updates and the information is relevant in 2024!


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