BJS Menu Bacon-Guacamole Deluxe Burger*

BJS Menu Bacon-Guacamole Deluxe Burger

The Bacon-Guacamole Deluxe Burger is a fire-grilled beef patty cooked to your liking, topped with pepper jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, house-made guacamole, red onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, and chipotle aioli, all on a premium Parker House bun . It’s a delicious combination of savory, spicy, and tangy flavors.

Price: $17.75


Fire-grilled beef pattyA succulent beef patty, grilled to perfection over an open flame for that smoky flavor.
Pepper Jack cheeseCreamy Pepper Jack cheese, adding a spicy kick to every bite.
Applewood smoked baconCrispy bacon strips, smoked with aromatic applewood for a rich, savory taste.
House-made guacamoleFreshly prepared guacamole, blending ripe avocados with zesty lime and spices for a creamy texture and vibrant flavor.
Red onionsThinly sliced red onions, providing a sharp and slightly sweet flavor profile.
TomatoesJuicy, ripe tomatoes, adding a burst of freshness to the burger.
JalapeñosSliced jalapeños, delivering a spicy kick to tantalize your taste buds.
Chipotle aioliA smoky and creamy chipotle aioli, adding depth and a hint of heat to the burger.
Premium Parker House bunA soft and buttery Parker House bun, providing the perfect vessel to hold all these delicious ingredients together.


Fat82 g
Saturated Fat32 g
Cholesterol130 mg
Sodium1820 mg
Carbohydrates90 g
Fiber8 g
Sugar10 g
Protein63 g

Allergens & Sensitivities

Tree nuts

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