BJS Menu Barbeque Chicken Pizza

BJS Menu Barbeque Chicken Pizza

BJ’s take on a California classic features a tangy hickory-smoked BBQ sauce base instead of marinara, topped with tender grilled chicken, seasoned tomatoes, cilantro, and sweet red onions. It’s finished with their signature five-cheese blend and crispy, hand-made crust.

Price: $34.75


FlourMain ingredient for making dough.
WaterUsed to hydrate the dough and activate yeast.
YeastHelps the dough rise and gives it a fluffy texture.
SaltEnhances flavor and regulates yeast activity.
SugarAdds sweetness to the dough and aids in yeast activation.
Olive oilAdds richness and flavor to the dough.
Mozzarella cheeseSoft, mild cheese commonly used on pizza.
Provolone cheeseSemi-hard cheese with a tangy flavor.
Cheddar cheeseHard cheese with a sharp flavor.
Parmesan cheeseHard, aged cheese with a nutty flavor.
Romano cheeseHard cheese with a strong, tangy flavor.
Grilled chickenCooked chicken breast, typically seasoned and grilled.
BJ’s Peppered BBQ sauce (contains soy, wheat)Tangy barbecue sauce with a hint of pepper flavor.
Red onionsSweet and tangy onions, commonly used in pizza toppings.
Seasoned tomatoesFresh tomatoes seasoned with herbs and spices.
CilantroAromatic herb with a citrusy flavor, used for garnish.


Fat132 g
Saturated Fat45 g
Cholesterol130 mg
Sodium3280 mg
Carbohydrates284 g
Fiber11 g
Sugar42 g
Protein104 g

Allergens & Sensitivities


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