BJS Menu Gluten-Free Barbeque Chicken

BJS Menu Gluten-Free Barbeque Chicken

Made with a dedicated gluten-sensitive crust, the BJs Gluten-Free Barbeque Chicken pizza is topped with their signature five-cheese blend, tender grilled chicken, hickory-smoked BBQ sauce, diced red onions, seasoned tomatoes, and finished with fresh cilantro for a burst of citrus flavor.

Price: $24.45


Gluten-sensitive crustA specially formulated crust, free from gluten, designed for those with gluten sensitivity. The exact ingredients are not listed online, but it ensures a delicious and safe option for those who need to avoid gluten.
Five-cheese blendA delightful combination of five different cheeses, meticulously blended to create a rich and creamy texture that adds depth and flavor to every bite of the pizza.
Tender grilled chickenJuicy pieces of chicken, expertly grilled to perfection, providing a savory protein element that pairs harmoniously with the other toppings.
Hickory-smoked BBQ sauceA smoky and tangy BBQ sauce infused with the rich flavors of hickory, adding a bold and savory taste that complements the grilled chicken and cheese blend beautifully.
Diced red onionsFresh red onions, diced to perfection, offering a crunchy texture and a subtly sweet and sharp flavor that enhances the overall taste profile of the pizza.
Seasoned tomatoesRipe tomatoes seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, providing a burst of freshness and a vibrant taste that balances the richness of the cheese and BBQ sauce.
Fresh cilantroFragrant cilantro leaves, added as a finishing touch, imparting a refreshing herbal aroma and a pop of green color to the pizza, elevating its visual appeal and flavor profile.


NutrientAmountDaily Value (%)
Total Fat8g10%
Saturated Fat3g15%
Total Carbohydrates16g6%
Dietary Fiber0g0%

Allergens & Sensitivities

Tree nuts

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