BJS Menu Sriracha Queso Dip with Piranha® Pale Ale Chili

BJS Menu Sriracha Queso Dip with Piranha® Pale Ale Chili

The Sriracha Queso Dip with Piranha® Pale Ale Chili is an appetizer that starts with a generous portion of thin and crispy corn tortilla chips for dipping into a bowl of housemade sriracha queso. The queso is flavored with spicy chili and garlic, and it’s topped with jack and cheddar cheese, fresh green onions, and a scoop of chili made with BJ’s award-winning dry-hopped Piranha® Pale Ale.

Price: $9.95


Thin and crispy corn tortilla chipsDelicate corn tortilla chips that are thin and crispy, providing a crunchy base for the dish.
House-made sriracha quesoA homemade cheese sauce flavored with spicy sriracha, chili, and garlic, adding heat and flavor.
Jack and cheddar cheeseBlend of Jack and cheddar cheeses, melted over the chips, contributing creamy richness and flavor.
Fresh green onionsSliced green onions, adding a fresh and slightly pungent flavor to complement the other ingredients.
Chili made with Piranha® Pale AleChili cooked with Piranha® Pale Ale, imparting a unique depth of flavor and subtle bitterness.


BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse does not currently provide nutritional information, allergen, and sensitivity information for their menu items online. However, they may be able to provide this information upon request if you contact them directly. You can find their contact information on their website or by calling your local BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse.

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