BJS Menu Triple Chocolate Pizookie® Made With Ghirardelli®

BJS Menu Triple Chocolate Pizookie® Made With Ghirardelli®
  • A decadent dessert featuring a rich chocolate cookie base packed with Ghirardelli® chocolate chunks, baked in a personal-sized pizza pan.
  • Served warm and gooey, topped with two scoops of Ghirardelli® double chocolate chip ice cream and finished with a sprinkle of Ghirardelli® dark chocolate chips.

Price: $9.25


Ghirardelli® chocolate chipsHigh-quality chocolate chips available in milk, dark, and possibly white variants, known for rich and intense flavor.
FlourA basic baking ingredient, providing structure and texture to the baked goods.
EggsUsed for binding and providing moisture in the recipe.
Butter or similar fatAdds richness and flavor to the baked goods. Can be substituted with alternatives like margarine or oil.
SugarSweetens the recipe, contributing to the overall taste and texture.
Vanilla extractA flavor enhancer that adds a sweet and aromatic essence to the baked goods. Likely used for a pleasant aroma.
Baking soda/powderLeavening agents that help the baked goods rise by creating bubbles in the batter.
Ice creamA frozen dessert made with dairy, cream, sugar, and often cocoa. Vanilla flavor may be present for added taste.


Fat 62g (mostly saturated fat)
Carbohydrates 162g (only 5g fiber)
Sugar 105g
Protein 15g

Allergens & Sensitivities

Cocoa powder
Tree nuts

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